Evolving Workforce Diversity: Intercultural Dynamics in Process Re-Engineering

This training programme is eligible for the “Investing in Skills Jobsplus Scheme” for Malta based companies!

Why is this topic important?

Workforce diversity and successful inclusion can serve as a key driver of internal innovation and business growth. The aim of this workshop is to:

  • Help identify challenges and needs HR managers and kindred professionals face in their dealings with a diverse workforce
    foster competitive advantage from a win-win perspective
  • Improve workplace & social literacy
  • Internationalize interpersonal competencies & increase team efficacy
  • Learn to communicate effectively across contexts, cultures and abilities.

Develop cutting-edge social and professional guidance tools for vulnerable members forming part of the workforce in order to maximise job satisfaction and work performance.

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“… Although she hails from culture which is completely different to our Middle Eastern way of thinking, she managed to not only understand our value system, but she also was very instrumental in understanding, negotiating and navigating cultural boundaries….”

Salah Khalil - Intercultural Counselling and Competence Development MaltaSalah Khalil, Founder and Executive Macat

Intercultural Competence & Customer Dynamics

This training programme is eligible for the “Investing in Skills Jobsplus Scheme” for Malta-based companies!

Malta Intercultural Competence - Online Counselling Services

This program helps participants to develop a progressive mind-set of intercultural competence without disregarding their own needs.  It explores key global socio-cultural dimensions that impact social behaviour and provides skills needed to function successfully in a diverse social and professional environment.

After completion of this programme, participants can expect to:

  • Have increased insight into reasons for their own behaviour and customer behaviour
  • Identify contextual differences and understand how they impact interpersonal relationships
  • Understand different drivers of conscious and unconscious discrimination and intersectional discrimination
  • Develop communication and interaction styles when dealing with people from different contextual situations
  • Learn how to bridge mind-set differences and resource behaviour in challenging times.
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Brain, Culture & Work: how we understand others in an intercultural context, make decisions, solve problems & regulate emotion.

This interactive workshop helps participants understand how the brain understands cultural diversity and how it affects behaviour.

This workshop consists of four parts and is specifically designed for managers and other professionals in order to help facilitate decision making and priority setting, as well as to enhance innovation and successful cooperation within the team.

During the first part of the workshop participants will be introduced to the main mechanisms affecting the brain at work. You will learn to understand and effectively make use of core neural networks related to implicit understanding, emotion regulation, problem-solving, decision making in an intercultural context.

The second part of the workshop will look at daily activities and focus on how to reorganize these activities in such a way to maximise task efficiency.

The third part of the workshop will focus on mechanisms and issues involving implicit understanding and cognitive bias and how to improve on interpersonal relationships, team building and negotiation skills

During the fourth part of the workshop participant will together with Maria-Gabriele elaborate on what has been understood and discuss how best to maximize executive decision making use of insights gained from this workshop.

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Malta inter-cultural management for an intercultural workforce