C-19 Managing Life & Work


C-19 regulations have created a new set of challenges in our daily lives, such as dealing with loss of income, loneliness, shifts in family dynamics, loss of familiar routine and studying or working from home.  

If unchecked, these challenges have the potential of affecting our mental and physical health, our interpersonal relationships and our ability to develop healthy coping strategies. We are offering you our support to help you manage your life to be better able to navigate these times.

Online Counselling


We offer 30 – 60 minutes online sessions with Maria-Gabriele Doublesin in English, German and Dutch language via Zoom or Skype in form of a structured dialogue to help you restore and maintain your mental health and wellbeing while coping with uncertainty and turmoil. She is also providing online Counselling at Tabib Malta https://tabib.mt/ 


Book your online session in the Contact Form Below or call for an appointment on: +356 99705686.