Fostering Community Cohesion & Economic Growth


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Contributing to sustainable community development and economic growth

I strongly believe that fostering community cohesion and economic sustainability across sectors necessitates an adequate understanding of intercultural issues and the ability to interact with others and the competence to deal with situations within different contexts where probabilities are unknown.

Acquisition of intercultural competence is the process of developing specific knowledge beyond traditional multicultural and cross-cultural theories, cutting-edge skills and progressive attitudes that contribute to sustainable community development as well as to economic growth which I see as very important, especially when looking for ways to be able to adequately cope with our ever-changing society.

Intercultural competence development not only includes learning to effectively communicate with the other but also critical analysis and engagement with complex, interdependent social, cultural, economic systems and their implications for people’s lives and thus forms part of global sustainability.

This interplay between cutting-edge training modules and client engagement in counselling forms a robust bridge to successfully connect with yourself, others, and the demands of our time.