Our Story

Intercultural Counselling: Relational - Progressive - Cohesive

ICC Intercultural Consultancy & Training is operated by the Maltese service providing company ICC Intercultural Counselling & Competence Development Ltd (ICCD Ltd). The company is registered with the Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA), registration number C94195 and was founded by Maria-Gabriele Doublesin, an Intercultural Community Counsellor, Competence Programme Developer and Trainer.

Our purpose is to:

Intercultural competencies go far beyond simply helping individuals or a company avoid stereotyping and exposing an internalized bias. Intercultural competencies far more practical.  In the corporate world, they are the basic re-engineering tools for every business, even a local business, because everywhere there are people, there are differences.

The purpose of the services offered  at this site is also to raise more awareness of our social embeddedness  at work and in our private life but also to provide professional assistance for effective human interactions in today’s highly fluid and economically challenged society.

We stand for quality and aim to enrich our clients’ knowledge base to increase their possibilities and options through:

All services are based on, and carried out with, high ethical professional standards.

Services offered on this website are based on 30 years of  experience of working and living in the Middle East, South America, West Africa and European countries. Combined with academic underpinnings addressing topical issues related to different contextual backgrounds.