Public Speaking

This section shows you selected themes of informative public talks and brief topical presentations for conference or symposia purposes that were held in the past and offers of similar new topics, seeking not only to inform but to inspire and raise awareness.

Past Public Talks

The Impact of Multicultural Exposure on Today’s Society and its Challenge for Mental Health Workers 

Challenges and Opportunities of Living in a Multicultural Society

Working with Individuals and Families Hailing from War-Torn Countries

Delinquency, Trauma and Trust: Intercultural Issues and Maladaptive Coping Styles in Correctional Settings

Negotiating Cultural Boundaries, 2017

Launching address of the International Integration Day, 2018

Keynote address at the 2nd International Integration Day 2019 

New topics

  • Decision making in times of uncertainty and  change
  • Sociocultural Relativity
  • Cross-Sector Leadership & Teambuilding
  • Intercultural Issues at Work Online
  • Understanding Social Equality and Transforming Dynamics of  Discrimination in the Workforce
  • The Social Brain in an Intercultural Context: Cognition, Inferences and Behaviour Styles in Interpersonal Interactions
  • From Ideal to Real: Making Change Management Work

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