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Online seminars on Zoom with Maria-Gabriele Doublesin

Maria-Gabriele Doublesin is a warranted, senior practicing Community Counsellor. Having worked with people in mandatory confinements as well as in a clinical setting in Egypt during and after political unrest, Maria-Gabriele can help individuals, teams and groups gain a resilience-based perspective on Social Distancing and other COVID-19 related complexities. 

Online Seminar

Scheduled via Zoom Calls


Per Seminar

  • Seminar 1:
    Dynamics of Feat & Tools for Coping with Uncertainty

  • Seminar 2:
    Integrative Model of Coping with Stress

  • Seminar 3:
    At Home 24/7 with my Family – Boundaries & Balance

  • Seminar 4:
    Work-Life Balance in the ‘New Normal’

  • Seminar 5:
    Structuring & Prioritizing in Times of Uncertainty

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