About Online Services

When providing online counselling, we operate according to high professional ethics and regulations.

Prior to booking any e-counselling service, please read the Ethics & Consent information.  For further information please send an email to mdg[at]nullintercultural.test.  A short explanation brief will be sent to you.  You also can request an informative meeting via Skype or Zoom.

Engaging in e-counselling requires special privacy considerations because regular email, routed through multiple servers, may not be confidential.

The online intake process will have your consent to services online.

Please note, when you engage in eTherapy, you will be directed through the Therapy Online intake procedure specifically tailored for this purpose. Instructions will be sent to your regular email address.

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Please read the information below and fill in the form underneath.

Confidentiality Contract and Consent for Service

I consent to receive counselling service from Maria-Gabriele Doublesin. I also consent to having the counsellor collect personal information about me necessary for the purpose of delivering this service.

I understand that the counselling relationship is confidential, which means that information I reveal to my counsellor will not be shared without any written permission unless the following conditions apply.

  1. If the counsellor has reason to believe I might injure myself or someone else, or that other persons are at risk, she has a legal and ethical right to intervene, even if this means breaking confidentiality
  2. It may be helpful or necessary for the counsellor to speak to other professionals who may be involved in aspects of my physical and emotional health. Whenever possible this will be done with my understanding the intent of such contact. I have the right to know what transpired in any conversations between the counsellor and other professionals.
  3. The counsellor has the right and obligation to seek consultation and supervision in order to adequately perform her job. The consultant/supervisor are equally bound by confidentiality. My counsellor will provide me with information about the consultant/supervisor she is working with.

    Terms and conditions: Kindly note that since other commitments are put aside in order to carry out the service requested in a professional and efficient manner, a compensation of the agreed full amount is to be given if my services are cancelled, or if the terms and conditions are modified from what was originally agreed upon, less than six weeks before the commencement of the provision of the service.