Online Services

Online counselling ethics and regulations

When providing online counselling, we operate according to high professional ethics and regulations.

Prior to booking any e-counselling service, please read the Ethics & Consent information For further information please send us an email.  A short explanation brief will be sent to you.  You also can request an informative meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Engaging in e-counselling requires special privacy considerations because regular email, routed through multiple servers, may not be confidential.

The online intake process will have your consent to services online.

Please note, when you engage in eTherapy, you will be directed through the Therapy Online intake procedure specifically tailored for this purpose. Instructions will be sent to your regular email address.

Enquire below for Online Services - Informed Consent

Please read the information below and fill in the form underneath.
Confidentiality Contract and Consent for Service
Terms and conditions: Kindly note that since other commitments are put aside in order to carry out the service requested in a professional and efficient manner, a compensation of the agreed full amount is to be given if my services are cancelled, or if the terms and conditions are modified from what was originally agreed upon, less than 2 weeks before the commencement of the provision of the service.