Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Consultation

Transformation strategies that support your business

Covid-19 upended our businesses and influenced the way we interact with each other.  Are you trying to adapt, but are not sure about the long-term outcome? What are the greatest difficulties you are facing now and what are the most important questions to ask to find the best solutions?

Our specific and custom-designed re-engineering tools assist you to realign your business activity, help you optimize workflow, and provide you with tools that help you understand and improve customer dynamics.

ICC founder Maria Gabriele Doublesin is one of the consultants qualified for business re-engineering and transformation listed with Malta Enterprise for the Business Re-Engineering and Transformation Scheme and recommended by the Malta Chamber of Commerce

The scope of the Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Scheme is to enable you to afford support from external advisors to assist you in carrying out significant changes that accelerate development and improve market access. 

The aid shall be awarded in the form of a cash grant covering 50% of the costs incurred up to a maximum grant of €5,000 per advisory service per undertaking. Beneficiaries may only be supported through this measure once in any 18-month period. This incentive shall be available until the 31st of December 2023.

More information about the scheme is available here.

Contact Maria-Gabriele by using the contact form below or call her directly on +356 99705686 for more info.