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Our Consultancy Services: Bridging the gap

Working virtually or face to face with multinationals and in international settings requires not only different communication and negotiation skills, but also specialized skills to correctly understand international customer needs and customer dynamics in times of high economic fluidity. Therefore, embracing values of an intercultural mindset and skillset will enhance your competitive advantage and long-term team effectiveness.

Our Services and Rates:

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting:

We provide guidance on creating inclusive policies, and assessments of contracts as well as existing policies for cultural sensitivity and intercultural competence.

Service Cost
Guidance on creating inclusive policies € 75.00 / hour
Review of existing policies € 75.00 / hour
Assessment of contracts € 225.00
Assessment of extensive contracts € 375.00
All prices listed in this table exclude VAT
Cultural Assessment and Audits
We conduct cultural assessments and audits within organisations to identify potential cultural gaps or areas that could be improved to enhance collaboration across cultures and intercultural communication.
Service Cost
Cultural assessment within the organisation € 450.00
Cultural Audit plus report and suggestions € 750.00
All prices listed in this table exclude VAT
Cultural and Intercultural Competency Mentoring:
Service Cost
Cultural and Intercultural Competency Mentoring € 120.00 / session
Package of 4 sessions (10% reduction) € 432.00
Package of 6 sessions (10% reduction) € 612.00
All prices listed in this table exclude VAT
Corporate Intercultural Counselling:
Service Cost
Corporate Intercultural Counselling (45- 60 min) € 75.00 / session
Package of 4 sessions (10% reduction) € 405.00
Package of 6 sessions (10% reduction) € 720.00
All prices listed in this table exclude VAT

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