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Our Consultancy Services: Bridging the gap

Times of high fluidity require innovative strategies.  Make use of our services to adjust your business strategies. Malta Enterprise offers SMEs a maximum grant of 5000 Euro to help small businesses meet the demands of our current global crisis.

We are honoured to note that our company founder and director Maria Gabriele Doublesin is listed among the top 10 Business Re-Engineering Consultants recommended by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industries to provide specific business re-engineering & transformation services.

Her main focus is on workflow optimization and customer dynamics. 

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Working virtually or face to face with multinationals and in international settings requires not only different communication and negotiation skills, but also specialized skills to correctly understand international customer needs and customer dynamics in times of high economic fluidity. Therefore, embracing values of an intercultural mindset and skillset will enhance your competitive advantage and long-term team effectiveness.

Our Consultancy Services include:,

  • Evaluation of the current situation and existing programs to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Assessing level of inter-functionality of management and teams
  • Development of intercultural orientation programs
  • Reviewing social activities for fostering corporate community cohesion
  • Assist in intercultural skills development and inter-functional leadership
  • Help organizations to identify interculturally based value-added services and products

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