Dealing with Diversity at the Workforce

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How to prevent intolerance towards migrants in the labour market

2 workshop modules designed and delivered by Maria-Gabriele Doublesin

May – June 2017

This project was funded by the European Union and aimed at providing new tools, based on the exchange of best practices, to prevent intolerance in the labour market towards migrants. The majority of working-age migrants and foreigners in Central and Southern Europe do not have a job and many have been out of work for a considerable length of time.

The high levels of unemployment of working migrant people are most often perceived as a problem of scarce supply-side in the labour market, due to low levels of education and professional qualifications of migrants and foreigners. However, there is another dimension, less spoken and recognised, that is discrimination.

Discrimination significantly aggravates the situation and causes systemic exclusion from employment for many the migrant and foreign communities. Among the participants were twenty-two HR managers representing for Maltese and international companies 

This was followed by another workshop dealing with issues related to migrant employees in Malta to explore the other side of the coin.