The way we position ourselves


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How we see ourselves has an effect on the way we position ourselves in society

How we see ourselves has an effect on the way we position ourselves in society. Starting our discussion with the way women, particularly those in a leading position, perceive themselves, Maria-Gabriele and I expand on this concept throughout this episode. We dive into psychological concepts, gender, culture, counselling and entrepreneurship. This episode packs so many themes to put into the description, so you just have to listen for yourself!

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Excellent interview!

You were absolutely spot on, it all depends how women position themselves? Women certainly do not know the importance of leisure time, it definitely resonates with me. Women certainly compete with other women. I have experienced this at work, i got more support from men.

I loved your concept of fault finder and the negativity associated with it. We need to revisit issues relating to gender and it has evolved into many different strands. What are the commonalities amongst women of different races? Women have smashed glass ceilings in many professions and continue to outshine men. The concept of stereotype should be abolished in the 21st century.

How do we benchmark women’s productivity? I thoroughly enjoyed your interview of substance.

How can ethnic minority women in Wales connect with women of other nationalities to embark on the mission of empowering women? Well done♥ you are a true STAR, i am honoured and privileged to know you.

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Meena Upadhyaya

OBE, Professor of Medicine at Cardiff University, advocate for women of ethnic minorities; founder and Chair of Welsh Asian Women Achievement Awards