Workplace Counselling Services

Workplace Counselling for companies and organizations working with a diverse workforce:

Struggle with workplace-related stress or personal issues can affect an employee’s work performance, increase absenteeism and problematic relationships with colleagues. Living and working far a way from home in an unfamiliar culture and a different language then the mother tongue can lead to additional problems.

Our workplace counselling services can help your employees maintain their mental health and improve their work performance by exploring with your employees effective ways to better adapt and integrate.

Benefits of intercultural workplace counselling:

on-site one-to-one and group sessions can help your team to:

  • break isolation and siloism
  • develop a good understanding of their company’s their socio-cultural work environment
  • improved social aptitude
  • reduced level of stress, 
  • sustain mental health
  • foster team spirit and sense of belonging

Our Intercultural Workplace Counselling services make use of specific and strategic tools to:

  • analyse on site the current situation
  • address relevant contextual factors encountered at work surrounding the client in a collaborate way.
  • assess cross-sector leadership and team effectiveness 
  • uncover blockers 
  • stress analysis.

Group session:  150.00 Euro per hour plus 18% VAT   

One-to-one session:  60 Euro per hour  plus 18% VAT

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Intercultural Training on Cultural Differences for a Diverse Workforce