Counselling on Cultural
Differences Communication ​

Counselling is a collaborative and transformative process to enable you to make informed decisions. The sessions are structured and time-limited. Depending on the topics presented, the process may take 6 to maximum 18 sessions involving strategic goal setting and analytical assessments of coping strategies and a collaborative review of your progress.

This collaborative review of your progress helps you to:

  • identify root causes of problematic situations
  • review your current coping mechanism
  • understand dynamics of underlying core issues involved
  • develop healthy strategies to reach your desired outcome

Counselling services are being provided online and in person

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What sets Maria-Gabriele Doublesin apart as a professional is her wealth of experience and recognition within the field. As a testament to her expertise, she has been repeatedly invited to share her knowledge at the prestigious Annual Al Azhar Conference of Integrative Psychiatry, a gathering jointly organized by the World Psychiatric Association. This notable distinction underscores the significance of her contributions to the intersection of culture and mental health.

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of resilience, Doublesin explores in this presentation nuances that significantly impact how individuals navigate their psychological and emotional landscapes. Her insightful examination sheds light on the intercultural clinical practice, emphasizing the importance of understanding and integrating culture-related resilience factors.