Bridging Perspectives: Exploring Humanness & Critical Thinking Across Cultures in the Age of AI

Bridging Perspectives: Exploring Humanness & Critical Thinking Across Cultures in the Age of AI In a thought-provoking online discussion, Rajan Nazran, British Indian entrepreneur and founder of the Global Indian Series, and Salah Khalil, Egyptian British founder and CEO of Macat International Limited, engaged with ICC Founder Maria-Gabriele Doublesin to explore the essence of humanness […]

Addressing the 4th Annual Conference of Integrative Psychiatry Cairo

Resilience Revisited: Intercultural Clinical Perspectives The global impact of the pandemic has made the topic of resilience more relevant and important than ever before. • The resilience of an individual is influenced by multiple factors, including external support, internal abilities and skills, and existential values and faith. • Social and cultural impact extends beyond nationality and […]

International Integration Day

Challenges and Opportunities of Living in a Multicultural Society International Integration Day was celebrated and Commonwealth Research Centre was launched by NWAMI recently, marked by speeches and cultural program. Judge Ray Singh CBE, Chairman for NWAMI’s International Advisory Panel, Maria Gabriele Doublesin, Interim Chairman of International group based in Malta, Advisor to the group C. A. […]

Addressing the 2nd International Integration Day in Cardiff

Awareness of Multicultural Integration 2nd International Integration Day Cardiff Senedd, 9 October 2019 Good evening. Before I start, I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Dr Roy and the organization of NWAMI for having me over. With your kind permission, I would like to extend a little bit on address by the Rt […]