Workshop Modules Available & Who can Benefit?

All workshops listed can be carried out internationally either in person or online, in English or in German.

Malta-based workshop modules and mentoring programmes are eligible for the Investing in Skills Jobsplus Scheme as well as for the Malta Enterprise Business Re-Engineering and Transformation Scheme. Companies interested in applying for these schemes need to apply with Jobsplus at least 7 days prior to the agreed time of the start of the workshop modules For further information please go to

The workshop modules listed address topical issues related to dealing with diversity, inclusion, social change and internationalization.

Our on-site workshop package consists of a sequence of minimal 3 to maximal 5  three hour modules. We also provide specific and tailor-made one- or two-hour online workshops upon request.

Please find underneath of our modules which are currently available for you.

Contact us for more information on the topics.

Next to our corporate workshops we also provide of custom-designed training services for

  • clients working within educational settings
  • correctional-restorative settings
  • multinational as well as for Malta-based NGOs
  • international organizations
  • federations

Companies interested in tailor-made Business Re-Engineering and Transformation programmes addressing workflow optimization and customer dynamics please click here and contact mdg[at]nullintercultural.test

I have experienced first-hand Maria-Gabriele’s work and all I can say is that I have yet to find someone as knowledgeable and dedicated in their work as she is. When it comes to work concerning intercultural competence, cultural diversity, social inclusion, and cohesion building, I can think of no-one better.

Helga Ellul - President CORE PlatformHelga Ellul, President - Core Platform

Your leadership and training style was a unique experience for me… I went home having learnt something of value, something I can keep implementing in life…

Sharon Cusens - Director Spring Productions InternationalSharon Cussens, Director Spring Productions International
Malta soft skills training - Online Training Modules for the Corporate Sector
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I met Maria-Gabriele when she was leading VOPs 2019 Learn to Work Together; Cohesion Building Through Collaboration workshops in collaboration with CORE Platform. Maria-Gabriele is a great leader. She steers conversations in the direction of action, brings people together, and creates an atmosphere of non-judgment and harmony.

Corinne Fenech - Consultant and TrainerCorinne Fenech, Consultant and Traininer