Stakeholder Forum: Cohesion Building Through Cross-Sector Collaboration

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Bridging silos between businesses, NGOs and marginalised communities

With our project, ‘Learn to Work Together: Cohesion Building Through Cooperation’, which is in part funded by the 2019 Voluntary Organisation Project Scheme, we strive to bridge silos between businesses, voluntary organisations and marginalised communities, and help foster better cooperation between all relevant stakeholders to help enhance the social as well as economic wellbeing of our society. On Friday the 26th of April 2019 a consultative roundtable for better cooperation was held, and we wish to thank all the participants for their very valuable contributions, bringing several challenges to light, and suggestions were made for improvement of cross-sector collaboration. Following the Roundtable consultation, we asked MISCO to carry out a study examining the attitude of VO’s and the business sector towards cross-sector collaboration.

Together with CORE Platform Executive Matteo Privitelli, our project designer Maria-Gabriele Doublesin contrasted the outcome of this study with the outcome of our Consultative Roundtable in order to identify relevant training needs. Currently Maria-Gabriele is devising a Training Programme which will consist of three sessions.

During this stakeholder meeting the outcome of our research was presented by a senior MISCO representative. This was followed by the launch of our training programme.

The stakeholder forum was also an opportunity for the participants to share their thoughts and come up with solutions on issues relating to the silo mentality and lack of cooperation in Malta.