Testimonial – CORE

March 19, 2019

Ms Maria-Gabriele Doublesin has been collaborating with CORE Platform for the past two years. The organisation has been engaged in a number of projects dealing with social inclusion, intercultural competence building, diversity, and community cohesion, among other things. In all occasions, Maria-Gabriele was the expert chosen to, not only create a well-structured and feasible training programme and project, but also to conduct as well as finalise the reporting of the workshops and events linked to these projects.

The first project Maria-Gabriele worked with CORE Platform on was ‘Working Roma’, for which two workshops were set up. The workshops, created, lead, and moderated by Maria- Gabriele, focused on the challenges and opportunities related to the employment of migrants as well as of having a culturally diverse workforce.

Following this project, Maria-Gabriele designed a training programme, ‘Moving Beyond Integration: Striving Towards an Inclusive Workforce in Times of Change’. This training programme, which was funded by the MCVS, was divided into three workshops of three hours each. The workshops, ‘Social Cultural Issues and Workplace Literacy, ‘Strategic Priorities and Competitive Advantages’, and ‘Fostering an Effective Inclusive Work Environment: Changes and Vision for the Future’ respectively, focused on identifying needs and challenges, competitive advantages and strategic priorities, as well as looking at a vision for the future when it comes to functioning efficiently and forming an effective inclusive team.

The latest project and training programme Maria-Gabriele is leading is called ‘Learn To Work Together: Cohesion Building Through Cooperation’, which is funded by the VOPs. Its main aim is to improve community cohesion by helping to bridge silos between a number of entities in Malta, including Voluntary Organisations, the business sector, and marginalised communities.

In all instances, Maria-Gabriele was very professional, meticulous, and efficient in both the structuring of her work as well as its delivery. This was reflected in not only the participants’ reactions and comments, who had nothing but positive things to say about the training programmes and Maria-Gabriele, but also in the successful outcomes, which were reported and shared with government officials.

I have experienced first-hand Maria-Gabriele’s work and all I can say is that I have yet to find someone as knowledgeable and dedicated in their work as she is. When it comes to work concerning intercultural competence, cultural diversity, social inclusion, and cohesion building, I can think of no-one better.


Helga Ellul

President CORE Platform

c/o The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry Republic Street Valletta VLT 1117