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Multinational companies dealing with complex issues related to diversity and inclusion:
We conduct Diversity and Inclusion Audits to identify areas of improvement and ensure fair representation and treatment of employees from different backgrounds.
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): 
Local companies and small businesses can benefit from our assessment services. We analyse employment contracts and service engagement contracts to ensure they are inclusive and compliant with best practices.
Professional Services Firms: 
Law firms, accounting firms, and other professional service providers can benefit from our multinational client-centered guidance to ensure their employment contracts, onboarding contracts and client engagement practices are multinational client sensitive and align with diversity and inclusion principles.
Human Resources Consulting Firms: 
Companies that specialize in human resources consulting and talent management could utilize our expertise to provide comprehensive diversity and inclusion audits for their clients.
Nonprofit Organizations: 
NGOs and nonprofit organizations often prioritize diversity and inclusion in their mission. They might seek assistance to review their policies and strategies for their initiatives, and they may also benefit from our capacity building training programs or engage us to design community-based projects and educational initiatives. 
Government Agencies: 
Public sector institutions and government agencies may require diversity and inclusion assessments to ensure they are representative of the communities they serve and to address any issues related to underrepresented groups. They may also benefit from our highly specialized and topical intercultural training programmes.
Educational Institutions: 
Colleges, universities, and other educational institutions often have diverse student populations and employees. We may assist in reviewing their policies and practices to create an inclusive learning environment and provide highly specified multicultural training programs for educators.
Healthcare and Medical Institutions: 
Hospitals, clinics, and medical centers may want to ensure diversity and inclusion in their workforce and service delivery to cater to a diverse patient base and provide training to staff on issues related to resilience and coping across cultures. 
Technology Companies: 
Tech companies often strive to build diverse teams and foster inclusive cultures. We can provide audits of their policies and practices to address any diversity-related challenges as well as specific upskilling programs to on how people from different cultural backgrounds and cognitive mindsets process information.