Project SMITE 

The SMITE project is fully funded with a €25,000 grant by the Iceland – Liechtenstein – Norway Active Citizens Fund operated by SOS Malta and is led by the African Media Association in partnership with NWAMI International Malta.

Together We Strive

Together We Strive is an account of the evidence-based, innovative community and youth project created by NWAMI International Malta President, Maria-Gabriele Doublesin.

The way we position ourselves

How we see ourselves has an effect on we way we position ourselves in society. Starting our discussion with the way women, particularly those in a leading position, perceive themselves, Maria-Gabriele and I expand on this concept throughout this episode. We dive into psychological concepts, gender, culture, counselling and entrepreneurship. This episode packs so many […]

What Does it Mean to Be Overwhelmed: Interview With Maria-Gabriele Doublesin

Neurodiversity and overwhelm: to create an efficient functioning inclusive workforce requires adequate understanding of causes and signals of overwhelm. In this podcast Joseph K Muscat and I are discussing how people with neurodiversity are processing information, to understand overwhelm and stress response. 00:00 00:00 00:00

A woman helping women: Maria-Gabriele Doublesin wins Best Social & Business Care Award

Maria-Gabriele Doublesin has been awarded the Best Social & Business Care Award (Women helping Women) at the Businesswoman of the Year Awards held last Friday by Dynamic Events at the Intercontinetal Hotel, Saint Julian’s. Doublesin is founder and director of ICC -Intercultural Counselling & Competence Development Ltd, a training and management consultancy firm that specialises […]